Fir Plywood


Douglas Fir plywood is cut and milled in the Pacific Northwest.  Douglas Fir is inherently strong and has a large diameter log; when used for plywood, it produces a sheathing product that is naturally strong, visually appealing, and very reliable.   


Available Sizes:

Features & Benefits:

-Strong, stiff, and sturdy 

-Less susceptible to warping than Yellow Pine

-Ideal for roof sheathing 

-Available in multiple grades


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Fir Plywood - Safety Data Sheet

HDO & MDO Product Guide

Fir Plywood Flooring Installation

Underlayment Installation Tips

Roof Sheathing Installation Tips

Grade Descriptions and Applications 


-C-grade veneer face, D-grade back, exterior glue.  Used for exterior wall sheathing, roofing, and underlayment


-A-grade veneer face with a C-grade back.  Used for cabinets, soffits, furniture, countertops and other applications where a premium face is required.  A-face has any imperfections and knots removed and replaced with patches. 

"AB Marine"

-A-grade veneer face with a B-grade back.  Exterior rating and uses an exterior glue that is a water-resistant adhesive.  Used for hulls of boats and other applications where a watertight panel is necessary.  

"BB Plyform"

-B-grade veneer face and back.  This product has an oiled face and is used for concrete forming.  A typical BB Plyform panel can be re-used up to 7-8 times when handled correctly.  BB Plyform leaves a slight wood grain finish.  


-Stands for Medium Density Overlay.  This panel will have a fine cardboard like face on a regular CD panel.  The face is smooth and takes paint exceptionally well.  Used for signboards and can also be used for concrete forming.  

"HDO 100/30"

-Stands for High-Density Overlay.  HDO has a specially engineered face designed for multiple reuses during concrete forming.  Leaves a "steel-form" finish after pouring.  



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