Yellow Pine Plywood Siding 

Available Sizes:

Features & Benefits:

-Easy to install 4'x8' panels with shiplap edges

-Matches siding profiles on older homes for easy replacement 

-Premium grade means up to six boat patches are allowed per panel.  Deco grade allows for up to 18 patches.  


Information Request

PDF: Specifier's Guide Beaded

PDF: Specifier's Guide T1-11 & RB&B

PDF: T1-11 & RB&B Warranty

PDF: Safety Data Sheet



3/8" Premium Beaded:


3/8" Deco T1-11 8" Shallow Groove:


5/8" Premium T1-11 4" OC:


5/8" Deco T1-11 8" OC:


5/8" Premium RB&B 12" OC:


5/8" Premium T1-11 4" OC:

5/8" Premium T1-11 8" OC:

3/8" Premium Beaded: