Engineered Wood

We offer a complete line of integrated Weyerhaeuser TrusJoist® Engineered Wood Products and have a dedicated team of Engineered Wood Product professionals at each location with decades of industry experience. Our professionals utilize the Javelin® software platform to design optimized Trus Joist® layouts for floors, walls, and roof systems.  This proprietary software provides 3D modeling, detailed load and deflection data, and material layouts and cut sheets that give builders the power to plan, prepare, and predict. 

It’s this combination of proven manufacturing, proven software, and proven design that give homeowners the peace of mind in knowing that their project was constructed with the utmost precision and care.  

In addition, we now offer Rosboro Douglas Fir Glulam and Treated Glulam products for interior and exterior exposed beams.  

Our Services

  • Direct job site delivery
  • In-house design and layout
  • Training and education



Our Engineered Products

  • Microllam® LVL
  • Parallam® PSL Beams & Columns
  • Treated Parallam® PSL
  • TimberStrand® LSL Beams & Columns
  • TimberStrand® LSL Studs and Tall Wall Framing
  • TimberStrand® LSL Rimboard & Headers
  • Treated TimberStrand® LSL Sill Plates
  • Timberstrand® Stair Stringers and Bullnose Stair Treads
  • Shear Braces
  • Simpson Strong-Tie® Hangers
  • Glulams by Rosboro…. and more…

Send us your plans

  • We will design a complete floor system and provide a comprehensive cut sheet and detailed layout (see example)
  • We job-pack and deliver directly to the jobsite
  • Submit your plans using the form below, and be sure to include your contact information
  • We only provide this service for customers in our service area below:

TJI Floor System Takeoff