Advantech T&G flooring is the #1 rated sub-flooring and has been for over a decade.  Advantech uses an ultra-premium resin throughout the board that gives it superior stability, strength, and performance.  

When you want the best, Advantech is the only answer.  

Available Sizes: 


Features & Benefits:

 -Lifetime warranty and a 500-day no-sand guarantee 

 -Three times the bending strength of commodity OSB for superior stiffness and reliability 

 -A built-in 1/8" gap between each panel for proper spacing 

 -Significantly higher wood density than any other comparable sub-floor panel

 -Struc-1 Rated 


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First Time User Rebate = up to $500 ($5 per panel)

Advantech Rebate

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Advantech Builder Brochure.pdf

Advantech Homebuyer Brochure.pdf

Advantech Installation Instructions.pdf

Advantech Architect Brochure Part 1.pdf

Advantech Architect Brochure Part 2.pdf

Advantech Product Data Sheet.pdf

Advantech Warranty.pdf

Installing Flooring with Advantech:

*Try with 1/4" Lauan Plywood

*Try with 1/4" or 1/2" Hardiebacker 


Advantech Flooring Tips:

Advantech Moisture Resistance:

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