Woodtone Hollow Core Structural Posts 


Available Sizes:

Profile & Dimensions:


Features & Benefits:

-Engineered to eliminate heavy checking, splits, warp, twist, and bow

-Lightweight and easy to position 

-Hollow core allows for electrical to be run through the post 

-Available in a primed and paint ready SPF, and a raw Western Red Cedar

-Fully structural with load tables that can be designed into structural support posts


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PDF: Woodtone Catalogue

PDF: Install Guide

PDF: Warranty

PDF: Load Table

PDF: Simpson Strong-Tie Post

Product Overview:

Cedar Hollow Core Posts:


Primed SPF Hollow Core Posts:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these more expensive than regular Cedar timbers?

A: No, these are right in line, if not a little less expensive than regular Cedar timbers.  

Q: Where should I use the Primed SPF versus the Cedar?

A: The Primed SPF option is meant for applications that are intended to be painted.  Porch and patio columns are a common use. 

The Cedar is meant for applications that want an exposed raw Cedar look.  It can be stained, but it doesn't have to be.   

Q: Can I run these horizontally? 

A: These are intended for vertical applications and not horizontal uses.  

Q: Can I bury these in the ground or concrete?

A: Burying these posts voids the warranty.  They should be installed on a post base for optimal performance.