Clear Finger Jointed Radiata Pine 



Available Sizes: 


Features & Benefits:

-Imported Chilean Radiata Pine 

-X-Ray scanned for clear blocks, inside and outside

-Primed boards feature oil based first coat and acrylic latex second coat

-One year warranty on primer, 10 year on substrate glue


PDF: Primed FJ Radiata Pine Sell Sheet

PDF: Primed Radiata T&G Nickel Gap Sell Sheet

PDF: Product Brochure



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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why Radiata Pine?

Radiata Pine is a very dimensionally stable pine.  It has a tight, uniform grain, and small limited knots making it great for appearance applications.  It is also an abundant species in Chile, and highly sustainable.  

Why two coats of primer?

Two coats of primer is necessary for quality paint adhesion. One coat leaves a milky finish on the board and often times requires your own priming in spots.  Two coats ensure full coverage for the best finish.  

Is this a square edge or eased edge board?

This is a square edge board that will have a crisp, sharp, 90 degree edge.  

Can I get other lengths besides 12' and 16'?

No, the only available option is 12' and 16'.  This is largely due to the container size for international shipments that favors these lengths.   

How does this compare in price to other materials?

Primed Radiata Pine is actually more affordable than any comparable domestic US species.  This is due to favorable exchange rates, and an overall abundance of the species in Chile.  



How to use Primed Radiata for an accent Shiplap Wall: