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Shiplap Paneling

Shiplap - one of the hottest trends of late - is available in our custom milled pattern.  Our custom pattern gives you the look of shiplap with a perfect 1/8" gap in between each board to give you the desired "nickel gap" effect. 

Our shiplap is available in both a premium raw pine and a paint-ready primed product.  


Pre-Primed Shiplap: 


Raw Pine Shiplap: 

See how our Raw Pine Shiplap was used in place of drywall for a stunning pool house:

1x6 Shiplap

        5" Exposure

        240 LF per 100 square feet

        Available Finishes: Raw Pine & Pre-Primed Radiata


1x8 Shiplap

        6 ¾" Exposure

        180 LF per 100 square feet 

        Available Finishes: Raw Pine & Pre-Primed Radiata

1x6 Raw Pine

1x8 Primed Radiata 



I've been looking for shiplap everywhere, how do I know this is the right one?

We did a lot of research and worked directly with the mills to create a custom milled pattern that perfectly fits customer needs.  At the end of the day, we identified that the most important features were the following: 

1) A 1/8" nickel gap reveal 

2) Affordability

3) Carpenter friendly and workability 

4) Long lengths up to 16'

5) Ability to take different paints, stains, and washes 

Taking all of those needs, we were able to create two products that are perfect for any job.  


How much of this has been sold and used?

Over six MILLION linear feet was installed in 2017 alone.  


Is this raw pine, or is it pre-primed or pre-painted?

We have both a raw pine shiplap and a pre-primed paint ready shiplap.  Our raw pine product is an extremely high-quality knotty pine that can be painted, stained, or whitewashed.  It has natural wood characteristics like grain, color variation, and knots.  Our pre-primed paint ready product is double primed and easy to paint.


What size shiplap should I use? 

The most common seller is the 1x8, and this really works best for larger rooms, hallways, and ceilings.  The 1x6 is a smaller reveal, so it looks best in tighter areas such as bathrooms, mud rooms, and laundry rooms.


Can I install this directly to the studs and skip the drywall step?  

Yes, and it's fast and easy!  Installed shiplap will cost you roughly the same as installed drywall.  However certain municipalities still require sheet rock per local building code.  


Can I install this directly over my drywall?  

Absolutely, but you'll still want to fasten to the studs where possible, and you'll need to be careful of your interior window and door trim.  Make sure you plan ahead and evaluate your current door and window trim.  Our shiplap is 3/4" thick, so you could lose your shadow line if you have a thin reveal on your current trim.  


I want a crisp white look, how should I paint my shiplap to achieve this look?

If you are using our pre-primed shiplap, just finish with two coats of a high-quality acrylic latex paint.

If using our raw pine shiplap, it's best to apply a shellac based primer.  We recommend Kilz Wood Primer or Zinnser B-I-N, they're the absolute best.  If necessary, use wood filler on any knots, voids, or nail holes along the boards.  Let the wood filler dry, and then sand the face of the board to achieve a level surface.  Finally, apply two coats of a high-quality acrylic latex paint, and enjoy a beautiful crisp white wall.  See the video below to learn more about painting knotty pine.   


How to Order Shiplap 

We have a dedicated dealer network that serves the following states:

Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio

Steps for ordering Shiplap:

1) Fill out our contact form below

2) We will coordinate with your closest dealer who will provide pricing, lead time, and samples

3) If product and price are right for your job, material will be ordered and delivered to you within 2-5 days

4) Enjoy your amazing new Shiplap look, and tell your friends where you got it!  

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 Sample Painted Projects





Whitewashed & Stained Shiplap:

Photo by @pictureperfecthouse






-When fastening, you have two options.  You can A) use your finish nails and fasten through the tongue, as shown below (this nail head will then get covered when you paint).  Or B) you can face nail into the studs.  It's recommended to fill face nailed heads with wood filler before painting.  



 Accessories & Tools Needed:


Installing T&G Wood Paneling on a Ceiling 


Painting T&G Wood Paneling 


Installed Photo Reel



A very special thanks to Irwin Construction and O'Donnell Remodel for installed photos

Irwin Construction: (photos by

O'Donnell Remodel: @odonnell_remodel on Instagram