Zip System Tape & Flashing 

Zip Tape creates an airtight seal that reduces air leakage, increases energy efficiency, and creates a water-resistant barrier.


Available Tapes and Flashing:


Features & Benefits

-Zip System & Tape yield an estimated 11% annual heating and cooling savings in the St. Louis market, compared to a traditional house wrapped home

-Tape can be applied in wet and dry conditions

-Allowable 180 day sun exposure

-30 year warranty

-Incredibly versatile, and can be used for corners, valleys, window flashing, sills, ridges, and more


Zip System Brochure

Zip System Stretch Tape

Zip System Stretch Tape Installation

Zip Tape Gun Installation


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First Time User Rebate = up to $600 ($200 per product line)

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Zip Liquid Flashing: