#3 Ponderosa Pine Common Boards

Ponderosa Pine common boards are a great utility board that are common in concrete forming, industrial packaging, and roofing. 


Available Sizes:

Features & Benefits:

-All boards are KDHT stamped

-Bright stock with no blue stain 

-S4S, square edge boards 

-Bendable for concrete forming 


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1x4 Interfor Industrial

-Priced 20% below comparable #3 products 

-High-grade #4 Ponderosa Pine

-S4S, micro-eased edge 

-HT Stamped 

-Mixed 14'/16' unit with 90% being 16 footers 

1x8 Stair Risers

Industrial Crating

Concrete Forming:















Board and Batten Siding


We source material from multiple vendors, including Idaho Forest, Sierra Pacific, Neiman Enterprises, and Pyramid Mountain