SPF Studs

At Forest Products, we offer a wide range of studs to fit any job, including premiums, finger jointed, #2 grade, and 10' pre-cuts. 


Available Sizes:



PDF: Safety Data Sheet

Canfor Select Studs

Wane allowed up 1/3rd the height, 1/8th the width for the full length of the board.  Will contain some skips and blue stain. All butts tagged or stamped for identification. 

Available in 2x4 & 2x6, 8' and 9' pre-cuts 

Sample 2x4x104-5/8" Canfor Select Studs:


Sample 2x6x104-5/8" Canfor Select Studs:


Nechako/Apollo Studs

Very limited wane, with the majority of pieces being square edges.  Will contain some blue stain.  End painted green (Nechakos) and teal (Apollos) for easy identification.

Available in 2x4 & 2x6, 8' and 9' pre-cuts   

Sample 2x4x104-5/8" Sinclair Apollo Studs:




Fiber Source:


SPF Sustainability

SPF Lumber is one of the most abundant and sustainable building materials on planet earth.  Less than a third of 1% of available SPF lumber is harvested in a given year, and it is managed and administrated by third party organizations and local governments that ensure and protect its long term sustainability.  

SPF is considered a Carbon negative product because it sequesters carbon.  When a tree grows, it takes in CO2 and releases clean Oxygen.  A tree removes and scrubs so much CO2 from the environment that nearly 50% of a trees weight is stored Carbon that was removed from the atmosphere.  When a tree is logged and milled, all that Carbon is safely stored in the lumber and removed from the environment permanently.  

When framing a basic 2,000 Sq Ft home with SPF lumber,  you are effectively removing and storing 11 Metric TONS of CO2.  In fact you're creating a negative carbon footprint, equivalent to removing 7 cars from the road for a year! 

When you choose SPF Lumber, you're choosing to be Green.  


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