Thermoply Structural Sheathing

When you’re sheathing a building you want the job done right. But you also want it done fast. With ThermoPLY, the lightweight design allows you to work quickly while the high-strength cellulosic fiber boards provide durability, moisture resistance and a best-in-class air barrier for years to come.

Features & Benefits:

• A protective polymer layer is applied on both sides and foil facings may also be applied on one or both sides

• Factory-extrusion coating for built-in Water Resistive Barrier with 3⁄4” (min.) overlapped or tapped joints

• Advanced Moisture Guard option provides adhesive with 3⁄4” overlap panel joints for even tighter water and air barrier performance

• Exterior Wall Sheathing & Bracing, and Interior Shearwall Bracing


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PDF: Thermoply Brochure

PDF: Thermoply Installation Guide