Primed Finger Jointed Cedar Bevel Siding

Primed Finger Jointed Cedar Bevel siding is a cost-effective and efficient siding option for homes looking for traditional clapboard siding. 

These are 16' long pieces, pre-primed and ready for install and paint.  Material is fully reversible with a smooth and rough sawn face.  

Available Sizes:


Features & Benefits:

-Cedar bevel siding in prime 16' lengths 

-Pre-primed and ready to paint

-Fully reversible, rough sawn face, smooth backside

-Lightweight and easy to install


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Q: What is the primed finish on here?

A: This product has been factory primed on all six sides with a single coat of gray stain-blocking alkyd oil primer.  

Q: Can this only be painted, or can you stain this as well?

A: This primer works for paint or a solid color stain.

Q: What type of Cedar is this?

A: This is made of clear Vertical Grain cedar blocks that are finger jointed to form a a solid 16' board. 

Q: Is this smooth or rough sawn Cedar?

A: This is a fully reversible product that is both smooth on one side and rough sawn on the other.  

Q: What is the exposure and coverage?

A:  When installed, this will have a 4" face exposure.  Figure 300 lineal feet per 100 square feet of needed coverage.    


Smooth Face:

Rough Face: