Cedar Lattice

Cedar lattice is a simple and elegant way to add curb appeal and character to a fence, pergola, patio, or raised foundation.


Available Sizes:

**All openings are 2-1/4"


Features & Benefits:

-Beautiful Western Red Cedar 

-Contains natural oils and resins that prevent rot and decay

-Can be painted, stained, or left raw 

-Excellent for fence toppers, privacy screens, pergolas, and deck and foundation skirting 

-Available in two common profiles: square and diamond 

-Well made, sturdy, and easy to cut


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How wide are the openings of the squares or diamonds? 

A: The openings measure 2-1/4".

Q: Do I need to finish or stain?

A: Applying a finish or stain is completely optional.  If you choose to leave raw, it will weather to a natural gray color.  

Q: What is the structural integrity? 

A: While it does have some structural integrity, cedar lattice is purely meant for visual purposes.  If using for a fence or privacy screen, be mindful that a kicked soccer ball could cause damage.  

Q: Can I let vines and ivy grow on my lattice?

A: Yes, one of the major benefits of Cedar lattice is that it acts as a natural nest for vines and ivy to grow and climb.  A thick and dense grove of ivy/vines could trap moisture and shorten the lifespan of the lattice, but for the most part it would have limited impact on longevity.  

Q: How are the strips held together?

A: The strips are stapled together for a strong connection.



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