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SPF Sustainability

SPF Lumber is one of the most abundant and sustainable building materials on planet earth.  Less than a third of 1% of available SPF lumber is harvested in a given year, and it is managed and administrated by third party organizations and local governments that ensure and protect its long term sustainability.  

SPF is considered a Carbon negative product because it sequesters carbon.  When a tree grows, it takes in CO2 and releases clean Oxygen.  A tree removes and scrubs so much CO2 from the environment that nearly 50% of a trees weight is stored Carbon that was removed from the atmosphere.  When a tree is logged and milled, all that Carbon is safely stored in the lumber and removed from the environment permanently.  

When framing a basic 2,000 Sq Ft home with SPF lumber,  you are effectively removing and storing 11 Metric TONS of CO2.  In fact you're creating a negative carbon footprint, equivalent to removing 7 cars from the road for a year! 

When you choose SPF Lumber, you're choosing to be Green.  


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