2" Dimensional Pressure Treated

Available Sizes: 


  -All treated lumber is a #1 MCA Ground Contact

  -Available in units, pieces, or job pack  quantities 


Treated Timbers   

Available Sizes: 

-All Timbers are MCA Ground Contact

-Very high quality with four square edges and extremely limited splits  

-Available by the unit, in pieces, or job pack quantities 



-Special Order Timbers

        -Any size up to 12"x12"x30'

        -Center match, select struc, smooth or rough, etc. 

        -Three week lead time 

 5/4" Premium Radius Edge Decking 


 Available Sizes: 

  -Radius Edge Decking with a 1/8" eased edge 

  -Ground Contact treatment for improved longevity 

  -Premium decking is a very high grade, just shy of a "D"


Special Orders 

-Timbers up to 12"x12"x30'

-Treated columns

-1x6x8' Dog Ear Fence Pickets

-Patterns, T&G 

-Odd sizes 

-Various retention rates

 When to use Ground Contact versus Above Ground?

Recent changes to AWPA guidelines now state that treated lumber must be Ground Contact when it touches the ground, is within 6" of the ground, or in uses considered difficult to maintain, repair, or replace and critical to the performance and safety of the structure.  

Source: Building Product Digest


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All MCA Treated lumber is approved for residential construction, and approved and independently tested by the following organizations:

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