TimberStrand Framing 

Wall framing solutions made from TimberStrand LSL are straight, free of knots and resist twisting, shrinking and bowing after installation. This helps cut down on callbacks due to sheetrock cracks. TimberStrand LSL Wall Framing solutions also help cabinets and countertops install flush without the hassles of shimming. The flat, stable surface they create for tile installations reduces the chance of tile and grout cracking.


Available Sizes: 


Features & Benefits:

-Perfectly straight - no bowing, twisting or warping 

-Strong and stiff (1.30E), making them perfect for tall walls (12' or taller) 

-Excellent for kitchen cabinet walls and bathroom tiled walls where flat and flush studs are necessary

-Helps resist tile, grout, and sheetrock cracks 

-Ensures that doors and windows work smoothly and hang straight

-No sorting or shimming needed

-Available in lengths up to 48'

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PDF: TimberStrand Tall Wall Product Page

PDF: Specifiers Guide - TimberStrand Framing

PDF: Specifiers Guide - Treated Sill Plates


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