Log Cabin Siding

Log Cabin siding is thick panel siding that mimics the look of old-world log cabin siding.  It installs with a shiplap connection and is easy to install and cost-effective.  It is an excellent option for country cottages, cabins, pool houses, and more.   

Available Sizes:




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Smooth Round Log Cabin Siding:



Hand Hewn Log Cabin Siding:

Hand-hewn will feature nicks, cuts, and shavings in the wood to give it a rustic irregularity. 



Is this designed for interior or exterior uses? 

This product can be used for both exterior siding and interior paneling.  If used in an exterior application, it's best practice to prime all four sides before installing.  

Is this a hand-hewn look, or a smooth rounded face?

We have both options.  We have a smooth rounded face and a hand-hewn face.  

What exactly is a hand-hewn look?

Hand-hewn looks like someone cut the wood with an ax.  It leaves a more rustic and irregular appearance that more closely replicates historical log cabin homes.  

How do I measure how much I need?  

2x8 Log Cabin siding has a 6-5/8" exposure, meaning you'll need roughly 181 lineal feet to cover 100 square feet.  Always factor an extra 5% for waste factor.  

Is this sold random length or can I specify lengths? 

You can specify lengths, and it's sold in 12', 14', and 16' increments.  

What kind of wood is this? 

Our log cabin siding is made from a SPF white wood.  Expect a bright, white piece of wood with occasional knots that's light and easy to cut and fasten.  

How do I install and fasten?

First, make sure the material acclimates for at least a week in its end environment.  Acclimation is a critical step for proper installation and prevents future expansion, contraction, or warping issues from There are two ways you can install.  You can install with two nails through the face at every stud for best long-term performance, or, if you choose, you can blind nail through the tongue.  For trim, make sure to use at least a 2" trim to leave a proper shadow line.  



Source: Wood Workers Shoppe