Canfor WynnWood Boards

The WynnWood mill produces some of the highest quality boards in the world. With a committed team, exceptional fiber quality and over 100 years of experience, customers can expect high quality, service and dependability when they choose WynnWood products. 

WynnWood offers some of the highest-quality boards in North America with an impeccable finish along with a diverse pattern mix that will meet any number of building needs - from floor to ceiling, inside or out.


Available Sizes:   

Features & Benefits:

-The highest quality finish of any board in North America

-Engelmann Spruce and Lodgepole Pine mix

-Supersedes NLGA or WWPA grades with 50% less wane, almost no blue and strict limits on end splits.

-Beautiful straw like color and uniform grain that takes paint and stain exceptionally well  

-Micro-eased 1/16th-inch radius edge

-All boards are end waxed and stamped KDHT

-Milled in one of the most sustainable and consistent fiber baskets in North America 


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All boards are end waxed and stamped with a KD-HT tag.  They also have a 1/16" micro-eased edge, making them soft to the touch and easy for handling.