Douglas Fir Appearance Grade Boards

Premium Douglas Fir boards.  Fully reversible with a rough sawn face and smooth backside.  Boards are 7/8" thick and fully Kiln Dried.  


Available Sizes:   

*Available on-ground sizes may vary


Features & Benefits:

-Tight knot appearance grade board

-Kiln Dried (12-15% moisture content)

-Rougher-headed face (smooth backside and two edges)

-Excellent price when compared to Cedar

-Full 7/8” thick

-Beautiful color, texture, and grain


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1x6 Doug Fir Appearance Boards:


1x12 Doug Fir Appearance Boards:



Q: Are these smooth or rough boards?

A: These are fully reversible boards with a rough face and smooth backside.  Both edges are smooth.  

Q: What grade is this?

A: Fir boards don't have a set grading rule, but these are what are called a Tight Knot Appearance Grade.  They are equivalent to a high end #2 board.  You'll find no bark or wane, all knots are sound and tight, and a really nice overall board.  

Q: Can I stain or paint these?

A: Yes, of course.  These are Kiln Dried boards, so they'll evenly stain and do well painted.  

Q: Are other sizes available?

A: All of these boards can be ripped to other widths (for example, 1x3, 1x5, 1x10 etc.).  Most boards will be beautiful, but you could have some edges where the cut loosens the knot, leaving an exposed knot edge.  Forest Products can run large custom rips, but smaller quantities will need to be done in the field.