Deckorators Venture Line

The Venture line is a wood-plastic composite deck board that offers the best combination of value and performance. Venture Decking features a natural woodgrain in two classic, yet modern colors Saltwater (gray) and Sandbar (brown).   


Available Sizes:


Features & Benefits:

- Scratch-resistant polyethylene cap with a strong, dense composite core

- Capped on three sides and through the groove

- Fluted backside; lightweight and easy to maneuver and position 

- Easy to clean with soap and water, and resistant to rot, mold, and scratches

- Spans 16" on-center

- Backed by a 25-year limited warranty: 25-year Structural, 25-year Stain & Fade, and 25-year Limited Removal & Replacement warranty


PDF: FP Venture Flyer

PDF: Venture Decking Installation

PDF: Grooved Decking Installation

PDF: Solid Decking Installation

PDF: Technical Information

PDF: 25-Year Limited Warranty


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Colors & Profiles:



A light gray with darker streaking accent tones and a natural woodgrain finish



A solid brown with darker streaking accent tones and a natural woodgrain finish




Q: What type of composite is Deckorators Venture Decking?

A: Deckorators Venture is a wood-plastic composite deck board.  It is made of a mixture of reclaimed and recycled plastic, post-industrial wood, and resin.  Product is completely free of formaldehyde and VOC's.  More about the product and sustainability can be found here: (Product Sustainability)


Q: How do I install? 

A: Venture Decking installs like most composite decking, and can be installed using a clip system with grooved deck boards, or with face fasteners and a solid deck board.  If you have a long running deck with lots of butt ends, we recommend using a solid deck board with face fasteners to reduce expansion and contraction that occurs from changing temperatures.  


Q: Do you recommend pre-drilling and countersinking when fastening Deckorators? 

A: Predrilling and countersinking prior to driving screws achieves the best results for ease of fastening and appearance of the finished project. Because wood decking is not as dense as Deckorators, screws driven into wood decking crush the wood fiber and self countersink. Screws driven into Deckorators displace the material, causing it to mushroom around the screw head. Most consumers do not like the resulting appearance using this installation method. If using ordinary, coarse-thread deck screws, predrilling a pilot hole and countersinking prior to driving screws achieves the best results. For more information, refer to the installation instructions or call 800-556-8449.


Q: Do I need to worry about temperature variation when installing? 

A: Deckorators, and all composites, will have a degree of expansion and contraction due to temperature swings.  During installation, Deckorators decking will contract only slightly in cold weather. In hot weather, it expands.  This is normal and the nature of wood plastic composite decking.  However, you can properly plan for this movement during your installation by acclimating the boards and installing during a normal temperature environment.  


Q: What is the warranty? 

A: Deckorators Venture is backed by a 25/25/25-year limited warranty: 25-year Structural, 25-year Stain & Fade, and 25-year Limited Removal & Replacement warranty.  More information about the warranty can be found here: (Warranty Information


Q: What are my color options?

A: There are two colors: Saltwater and Sandbar.  Saltwater is a light gray and sandbar is a medium brown.  Those are the only two color options available.  


Q: What Fasteners are recommended?

A: We have a list of available fasteners above.  Effectively you have four main groups of fasteners.  1) Clip system hidden fasteners.  2)  Plug and screw face fasteners.  3) 2-3/4" color match face screw fasteners.  4) 1-7/8" color match screws for fascia and risers.   PDF: Available Fastener Chart


Q: Is Venture Decking approved for water and ground contact?

A: Venture decking is not approved for water and ground contact.  Deckorators Venture should be installed above grade.  Boards, risers, and fascia can be installed up 2" below the deck joist bottom, but should maintain a clearance above the ground.  


Q: How do I clean my composite deck?

A: It is important to keep leaves and other materials that can stain off your deck year-round. Sweep off your deck boards and make sure to clean out the spaces between the boards. We recommend using soap or detergent mixed with water to remove any marks or dirt from your deck boards. Power washers can be used to clean deck boards; however, a fan-tip nozzle should be used and should be set on the lowest setting.


More questions and answers can be found here: Deckorators Q&A's