C&btr S4S Radiata Pine

C&btr Radiata Pine is a clear solid board cut from some of the finest fiber in the world.  It's lightweight, receptive, and easy to work with and is a excellent choice for a stain or paint grade finish.  


Available Sizes:


Features & Benefits:

-Imported from New Zealand and cut from some of the finest Radiata Pine in the world 

-Clear stain or paint grade 

-Available in prime 12' and 16' lengths 

-Square edge corners 

-Sold by the piece


PDF: C&btr S4S Radiata Pine


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Q: Is this a square edge board or radius edge?

A: Square edge, 90 degree edges. 

Q: How is Radiata Pine different than Ponderosa Pine or Lodgepole Pine?

A: Radiata Pine is very similar.  It will have a similar straw like color, it will be light and receptive, and it will stain and paint equally well.  For the most part, there is no real discernable difference.  

Q: Can these be painted or stained?

A: Yes, this is a stain grade product which means it can be stained or painted.  This is one of the best options for a stain grade trim.  

Q: How does this price compare to Poplar? 

A: You'll find that this C&Btr Radiata Pine is roughly 15-20% lower in price than Poplar, and you'll get specific 12' and 16' prime lengths versus a random length mix with Poplar.