Swanson Superior Hardwood Siding

Superior siding by Swanson Group® is designed to protect your property from the elements while respecting the environment.

Features and Benefits:

-Proprietary hardwood with natural wood characteristics.

-Natural luster and uniform texture.

-Enhanced panel stability using “SwanPeel™” Technology.

-Interior and exterior applications.

-Environmentally-friendly renewable source.”

-Produced 4″ OC, 8″ OC, RBB, Ship Lap, and SE.

-Interlocking grain for ease of installation.

-NAUF – meets CARB requirements.

-Raw or primed

-Third-party certification “APA-QMS”


-Thickness: 5/8”

-Panel Sizes: 4’ x 8’ or 4′ x 9′



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