MDF Shelving

MDF Panels are manufactured panels that use fine wood fibers and resin to create an extremely uniform and consistent panel that works great for furniture and cabinetry.


Available Sizes:

Features & Benefits:

-Premium MDF panels manufactured to exacting standards

-Commonly used for furniture, cabinets, door parts, store fixtures, toys & musical instruments 

-Can be routed, cut, and ripped to size 

-Perfectly flat surface that takes paint extremely well


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PDF: Technical Guide

PDF: Safety Data Sheet


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the difference between MDF and Particle Board?

A: MDF uses a finer wood fiber that is more dense and compact. Because of this, there are no voids, knots, or wood grain, and it yields a more consistent and even surface. 

Q: Is this only for interior use?

A: Yes, this is a interior only product.

Q: Do you break units?

A: Yes, we sell this by the piece. 

Q: Can I cut, rip, or route these panels?

A: Yes, all panels can be ripped, routed, or cut to any size you need.  MDF machines well, but creates a fine dust.