Manufactured with high-quality glass fiber with polyester resin or optional vinyl ester resin. LiteBar is built to be stronger, lighter, and rust free! LiteBar is non-magnetic, making it electrically non-conductive as well as thermally non-conductive.


Available Size:

Features and Benefits:

-Rust Free, does not corrode, extended structure life

-Lightweight, large labor & freight savings

-Non-conductive, LiteBar is electrically non-conductive and thermally non-conductive 

-Stronger than steel, LiteBar is 2x stronger than steel in tensile strength 

-Installs like steel, toe it off and chair it up just like steel


-Driveways and walkways 

-Foundation footings

-Grain bins and barns 

-Pool decks 

-Patios and porches 


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PDF: LiteBar Description & Specifications

PDF: LiteBar Application Data Sheet