C&Btr Ponderosa Pine Boards


Available Sizes

*All items sold random length 


Features & Benefits:

 -C&Btr grade 

 -S4S and Kiln Dried

 -Sourced from the completely renewable and sustainable "Inland Empire" timber basket

 -Excellent material for trimwork and carpentry

  •  1) Color & Grain
    • Ponderosa Pine has a minimal amount of reddish-brown heartwood and a wide sapwood which is honey-toned or straw-like in color.  It has a straight, uniform grain which machines to a clear, smooth surface.  This means that it will take paint or stain exceptionally well, leaving a smooth even coat.  
  • 2) Dimensional Stability 
    • All woods shrink and swell to some degree as their moisture content fluctuates with atmospheric conditions. However, Ponderosa Pine is relatively unaffected by changes in humidity after drying, making it valuable for work that requires close-fitting joints. It has a uniform cell structure and shrinks only a moderate amount, in comparison to other softwood species. It seasons beautifully with minimal splitting, cupping, or warping.
  • 3) Workability
    • Due to it's unique properties, Ponderosa Pine is very user friendly, and will not splinter or split when cutting and nailing.  This makes it ideal for unique craft projects like shelving, cabinet, and paneling where precision is required.   

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