1x6 Rustic Pine Flooring

Our 1x6 Rustic Pine Flooring is a custom designed profile specifically for flooring. 

It is a premium #2 Lodgepole Pine that will have rich grain, tight knots, and excellent character, and is an excellent choice for rustic flooring.  

Available Sizes:

Features & Benefits:

-Premium #2 Lodgepole Pine

-Wide plank flooring with rich grain, tight knots, and excellent character

-Rabbited backside for flush and flat installation


-Installs with a pneumatic flooring nailer 

-Extremely reasonably priced

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this compare to hardwood flooring?

A: Lodgepole Pine is definitely softer than hardwood floorings like Oak or Maple.  However, our Lodgepole Pine flooring is very dimensionally stable, lower priced, and comes in long 14' lengths.  

Q: How do I install?

A: Rustic pine flooring installs just like any hardwood flooring, and can be installed using a standard pneumatic flooring nailer or face nailing.  We recommend letting the wood acclimate for at least a week before installing.  If using a pneumatic flooring nailer, you still may need to face nail in certain spots.  

Q: Do I need to worry about the knots falling out?

A: All of the knots are what's known as "sound and tight", however, when the material ages and shrinks some knots could become loose.  

Q: How should I finish once installed?

A: We recommend finishing with a stain and a clear polyurethane finish. 

Q: Can I use this for wall paneling or on a ceiling?

A: Absolutely.  You can still blind nail through the tongue, or face nail if you prefer.